The recipe which I am gonna share with you today is a life saver if you have guests at home for evening snacks.You can make these yummy rolls which will tickle the tastebuds of both kids and elder ones.

For Stuffing:
* Cottage cheese 150gms-grate it
* Cheese grated 1/2 cup (you can take any cheese except mozzarella and blue cheese)
*Onion chopped -1 small cup
* Oregano seasoning 
*Chilli flakes(you can use pizza seasoning which is available in the market) 
* Salt to taste
For Bread roll:
*Bread 5 slices
*Oil 1/5 ltr
*Water in a small bowl

For Stuffing:

*Take grated cottage cheese and grated cheese in a bowl.
*Add oregano seasoning,chopped onion,chilli flakes,salt and mix well. The stuffing is ready.
For Cutlets:
*Take a slice of bread, cut it into two halves. 
*Now take one half, Dip it in water and squeeze all d water in the bread by pressing it between your palms,
* Put the stuffing in the middle of the bread and make dumplings
* Heat oil in a pan and deep fry the dumplings.
Yummy bread rolls are ready to serve,They taste even better with green chutney.Dont forget to serve the snacks with lots of love😍😍😍.

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