Bread Ka Halwa

Today in the morning I came across a funny picture on social media which is popping in my head while writing this post. 
Well, it was showing a big red circle with 3 green circles in it and captioned as Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday😆😆😆.Well,it is apt for we Indians. I completely respect the sentiments but humour can’t be caged.

So, since it’s Tuesday I am going to share with you a super easy yet delicious vegetarian dessert which is a must try.

Serves :4
Cooking time:15mins


* Bread 7slices
* Ghee 7-8 tablespoon
*Milk 1 + 1/4cup
*Sugar 1 cup
*Almonds 6pcs
*Cashew 6pcs
*Cardamom powder 1/4teaspoon(I don’t overdo with spices,it kills the taste)


* Cut small pieces of almonds and cashews. Heat ghee in a pan and fry the dry fruits and put them aside.

*Cut the bread slices into small chunks and add milk to the chunks,soak them for few seconds.
* Now to the heated pan of ghee, add soaked bread cook it for 4-5 mins then add sugar,cardamom powder and cook it for 5-6mins.
When the color of the bread changes to dark golden then add fried dry fruits.Mix it well.

And serve it with lots of love 😍😍😍

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