When I first heard of this combination, I thought it would be some stew and wasn’t expecting any Indianised spicy form.. But to my surprise it is one spicy tasty food which I love to eat again an again.

Cooking time:45mins


* Chicken 750gms
* Bottle Gourd(Lauki) grated 350gms
* Hung Curd  200gms
* Ginger and garlic paste 1 tablespoon
* Onion paste 1 tablespoon
* Chopped onion 3
* Turmeric 1tsp
* Chilli powder 1tsp
* Coriander powder 1tsp
* Salt to taste
* Garam masala 1tsp
* Bayleaf 2
* Black pepper 6-7
* Cloves 4-5
* Star anise 2
* Black cardamom 1
* Green cardamom 1
* Mace 1
* Butter 150gm
* Oil 1/2 cup
* Lemon juice 4 tablespoon
* Kasuri methi 1 tsp


1.Take a deep pan, add oil to the pan, put the heat on and fry the grated Bottle Gourd, once it gets  golden brown strain it and keep it aside.
2.Take Chicken, Add lemon juice and salt to the Chicken. Keep it for 5 -10 mins and wash the chicken thoroughly. Now, to the same oil in which we have fried the gourd,now fry the chicken. You don’t have to cook the chicken completely. Just fry it to get rid off the odour of chicken.

3.Now, Heat butter in a pan.Add bayleaves,black pepper,cloves,black cardamom,green cardamom,mace.

4.Add onion and fry it till it gets golden brown in colour. Now, to it add ginger and garlic paste and onion paste, stir it for 10 sec. Now, add all the spices.Cook it for 5 mins.

5. Add fried grated gourd to the masala and cook it for 6-7 mins. Now add curd to the masala, mix it well. Add chicken to the masala and cook it for 15-20 mins. Add Kasuri methi to enhance the taste.Mix it well.

And Murgh Lauki is ready. Serve it with lots of love😍😍😍.

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